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Current Sign-In Opportunities

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When the Legislature went virtual for last year’s 2021 session, lawmakers and advocates alike had to make adjustments. Some were difficult (nobody likes to sit on Zoom all day every day!), but others were great moves for access and transparency. One of the best things to come out of an all-online session was how easy it is for everyday Washingtonians like you to speak up in support or opposition of a bill.  

This year you have the same level of access to the legislative process: it’s all available online if you know where to look. 

Click to enlarge this example of a Committee Sign In page. This one is for the Lorraine Loomis Act for Salmon Recovery being heard on January 19 by the House Natural Resources Committee.

One of the key moments for a bill moving through the legislative process is its public hearing in a legislative committee. That’s when lawmakers on that committee get to hear from folks across the state about their opinions on that bill.  

We ask you to “Sign in Pro” to signal your support of a bill we think you, as a friend of The Nature Conservancy, are likely to support.  

Hearings happen nearly all day, nearly every day during the legislative session, but we’ll only ask you to sign in for our top priority bills – ones we think have the potential to really make a positive difference for nature and people in our state. 

Signing in pro tells the members of that committee that you support a bill. It doesn’t require you to prepare a speech or write a letter – you just enter your name, address and “pro” position on an online form, and that’s it! The committee chairperson will see your name on a list of supporters, which is a key way for them to understand how voters feel about a given proposal.  

There are strict deadlines for signing in on a bill. You must be sure your position is recorded before the committee meeting begins. And your sign-in is only good for that one committee meeting. If the bill is successful and moves to another committee, we may ask you to sign in pro again to help keep it moving through the legislative process!  

Current Sign-In Opportunities and deadlines

Learn more about each of the bills below and our other 2022 legislative priorites.

Keep Washington Evergreen: Senate Natural Resources, 1/20

We wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important: Your voice makes a difference. Thank you for speaking up for nature this session!

Banner photo: Signing the Yellow Island Visitor Log by Heather van Steenburgh.

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