Sponsored: Eastbay Performance Line with Jalen Hurts (All Items Under $50)

One of our best partners, Eastbay, asked us to highlight their performance apparel line. We dove in to give you our breakdown of the 4 different types of affordable performance apparel – Compression, Gymtech, Windtech and Temptech. Impressively, every single product offered in Eastbay’s performance line is $50 or less, and most are much less than that. So if you’re looking for some performance athleticwear that will perform, look clean, and won’t break the bank, this could be a great route for you. Here’s what they’re offering:

Eastbay Compression – Every Product is $10 right now

Jalen Hurts in Eastbay Compression Tights ($9.99).

The first and likely most popular is Eastbay compression products, all priced at $10 right now. Compression tights, shirts and shorts, in all sorts of different cuts and colors are available. Compression is an excellent way to protect yourself from turf burn and it also does an awesome job keeping your muscles warm while you play. It can also help prevent injury in football, baseball, and basketball. Compression is typically used as a base-layer and perfect to wear underneath your uniform. Check out Eastbay’s compression options here.

Our fave is the 3/4 length tights, only $9.99.

Eastbay GymTech – Most Products Under $20 right now

Jalen Hurts in the Eastbay GymTech Jacket.

Eastbay’s Gymtech is built for putting in that work. Gymtech is performance apparel for lifting weights, cardio, getting shots up in the gym, or lounging at the crib. This apparel is built to be light and breathable. Eastbay has shorts, shirts, and jackets in plenty of colorways. Like I mentioned, this apparel is designed to be worn while you work out, but honestly looks good enough to wear day to day. Check out Eastbay’s Gymtech apparel here.

Add the Gymtech Half Court camo short ($14.99) to the jacket ($39.99) with the 3/4 tights underneath ($9.99) for easy, functional practice swag under $70.

Eastbay WindTech – All Under $40 right now

Jalen Hurts in the Eastbay Windtech Jacket ($39.99) and Pant ($29.99).

Eastbay’s Windtech apparel will help you train outdoors, especially in suboptimal weather conditions. Windbreakers jackets, pants and shorts are available, all under $40. Again, these offerings from Eastbay look cool enough to wear on the field, but also at work or in the classroom. Check out Eastbay’s Windtech apparel here.

Windtech Short, $24.99

Eastbay Temptech – All Under $50

Jalen Hurts wearing Eastbay’s Temp Tech Hoodie, $39.99.

The final (and most premium) component of the Eastbay performance line is their Temptech apparel. This gear offers a heavier material, built to keep you warm and cozy… perfect to wear during a cold outdoor workout or to just lounge around the house. Check out the Eastbay Temptech collection here.

Add the Temptech Cuff Fleece Pant ($39.99) for maximum warmth over top your Eastbay Compression.

Shop all the products in Eastbay’s Performance line here. And if you’ve got experience with these products, let us know in the comments.

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